The Statesville Fire Department accepts applications for employment year-round but the employment process is only conducted on an as needed basis to establish a pool of candidates. Normally once a pool of candidates is established the department will hire from within a pool for a period of one year. The Chief of the Department may choose to extend the list for an additional period of time depending on the needs of the department or he may choose to redo the list at any time if he determines there are no longer any viable candidates remaining on the list.
To apply for a position with the Fire Department you will need to fill out a City of Statesville Firefighter Application. You also need to download a copy of the City of Statesville Firefighter Application Procedures and complete all the requirements. The completed application must be submitted to the Human Resources Department at the City Office Building, 301 South Center Street in Statesville

If you are interested in taking North Carolina state certifications for firefighter, Mitchell Community College has a firefighter program. For more information click here.

City of Statesville Firefighter Application Procedures

Letter to Previous Applicants

City of Statesville Firefighter Application

Map-City Office Building 301 S.Center St. Statesville NC 28687