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Request a Smoke Detector

While more Americans have smoke alarms than ever before, nearly half don't work. Without a working smoke detector as an early warning device, fire can spread unnoticed through the household, blocking escape routes and filling rooms with deadly smoke.

Make sure you're protected. When you change your clock from daylight savings time, change the batteries in your smoke alarms. If you have a detector that is wired into the electrical system, test it once a month. If you need assistance installing the detector or changing the batteries, feel free to call Statesville Fire Department at 704.832.3860.
If you are concerned with your smoke detectors in your home follow the link below to request a smoke detector. A representative from the fire department will come out and change batteries or replace missing ones or defective detectors.
MAILING ADDRESS: PO Box 1111, Statesville, NC 28687-1111  |  PHYSICAL ADDRESS: 301 S. Center Street
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