Monthly Activity Report


The monthly activity report includes a variety of information documenting the housing trends, Boards, Commissions and Committees and the number of permits issued in the City of Statesville. 

4th Quarter (Oct-Dec)

Housing Inspections: Total Number of Inspections, Re-inspections, Extra Inspections, Consultations and Complaints.

Zoning Activities: Final Zoning Compliance, Site Subdivision, Building Permits, and Zoning Clearance for Utilities Connections, Special Privilege License, Signs, and Customary Home Occupancy Permit.

Nuisance Abatement Activities and Enforcement: Weeded lots, Trash and Debris Investigated, Autos Investigated, Miscellaneous Complaints Investigated, Hearings Held and Houses Investigated. 

Board Meeting Agenda Items: Board of Adjustment, Historic Preservation Commission, Planning Board, Technical Review Committee and Downtown Design Review Committee.

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