Technical Review Committee



The Technical Review Committee is comprised of City of Statesville Staff, Iredell County Staff, NCDOT and Private Service Companies.  Each of the members bring their specialty to the table to help make the review process more effectiive and less time consuming.  The TRC meets twice a month, the first and third Wednesday of the month.  The submittal deadline is 15 days prior to the meeting. 

The TRC reviews the following information: zoning, specific lot measurements, site data, parking, landscaping, street data, stream buffer, FEMA regulations, soil erosion control and grading plan, utilities and services, sanitary sewer, storm drainage, water, electricity, and problems unique to the site.

The subdivision of land involves the legal division of a parcel into a number of lots for the purpose of development and sale. The subdivision and development of individual parcels must conform to the provisions of local zoning which contain use and dimensional requirements for land development.

TRC Packet

TRC Rules of Procedure

Preferred Landscape Planting List

Photo Gallery of Preferred Plant Material

Required Landscape Point System


Technical Review Committee 2015 Meeting Schedule:

TRC Meeting Date

Meeting Agenda

January 7


January 21


February 4


February 18


March 4


March 18


April 1


April 15


May 6


May 20


June 3


June 17


July 1


July 15


August 5


August 19


September 2


September 16


October 7


October 21


November 4


November 18


December 2


December 16

Technical Review Committee 2015 Meeting Schedule:

 TRC Meeting Date       Meeting Agenda 
 January 7
 January 21   Cancelled
February 4   Agenda 
 February 18  
 March 4    
 March 18    
 April 1    
 April 15    
 May 6    
 May 20    
TRC Members
*** All members bolded are City of Statesville Employees
Elaine Anthony
Planning (Plan Review)
(O) 704-878-3575
(F) 704-878-3464
Steve Bridges
James Burgess
Dennis Harris
Water/Sewer (Size/Location)
Perry Windsor
Electrical Utilities
David Prevette
Patrick Grogan
Joe Hudson
Water Treatment
Barry Whitesides
Addressing for Iredell County
Bruce Kuete
Building Plan Review
Brendon Pritchard
Public Works
Shawn Cox
Arborist/Parks and Rec.
Fred Morrison
Sanitation (Dumpsters) 
Ed Hodges
Fire Dept. (Plan Review)