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Streetscape Project


Phase I of the Streetscape Project has been completed.  It involved Center St. from Sharpe to Water Street and E. Broad St. from Tradd to Center St.

Phase II - NEW! updated information.
(The Phase II project  involves West Broad Street between Center Street and Mulberry Street and on Meeting Street between Front Street and Water Street.)

Streetscape Construction Update 4/14/14

During the last few weeks the contractor has continued work in Meeting Street on the new 16” water line and new storm drain line. The water line has been completed and put in service up to Broad Street and water taps have been switched over to the new line. The new water line has been installed across Broad Street and should be completed in North Meeting Street up to Water Street this week. The storm drain line has been completed up to Broad Street.

In the upcoming weeks, the contractor will complete the tie in of the new water line in North Meeting Street and convert over the water taps and will then begin removal / abandoning of the old water line in North and South Meeting Street. They will start working on the storm drain line in North Meeting Street, do some asphalt patching in South Meeting Street, and work on a retaining wall and seat walls in the northeast corner of the Meeting and Broad intersection and start on the new parking spaces in North Meeting Street.

Also in the next week or two, the contractor may start work on the new water line on the north side of West Broad Street. During this work, the contractor will maintain a small work zone and temporarily block off parking spaces adjacent to their work area and then reopen them as they move down the block.

The major work on West Broad Street, starting on the south side from Center Street to Meeting Street, is anticipated to start in mid to late May depending on the weather.

Streetscape Construction Update 1/17/14 

1/13/14:  The contractor continued with the installation of the 42” storm drain pipe in S Meeting Street between Front Street and Walnut Street.

1/20/14: Contractor will continue with the installation of storm drain pipe as they progress through the intersection of S Meeting Street and Walnut Street. While they are working in the intersection, Walnut Street will be closed to thru traffic but will remain open to local traffic and be accessible from Mulberry Street and the city parking lot. It is anticipated this will take most of the week. Access to Court Street From S Meeting could be limited at times also.

The contractor is also planning to start the installation of the new 16” water line in S meeting Street. They will start the water line near Front Street and work towards Walnut Street.

Streetscape PHASE II Construction Meeting Presentation

View the entire presentation: Click here.
View a diagram of the improvements from Center St. to Meeting St.: Click here
View a diagram of the improvements from Meeting St. to Mulberry St. Click here
View the construction sequence: Click here
View a diagram of the typical work zone: Click here
View the proposed construction schedule: Click here

For more information, contact:
Brendon Pritchard, PE
Assistant City Engineer
(704) 878-3552

The Hwy 115 corridor phase - NEW INFORMATION

To see the plan, click here.

The next meeting of the Hwy 115 Corridor businesses and property owners is:
Tuesday, Dec. 3 at 6 p.m.
Statesville Depot

The Planning Department made a presentation recently about the plans for the Hwy 115 corridor.
Click here to see the presentation.


To view a fact sheet on the Streetscape Project and a map of the area involved, click here.


Brendon Pritchard, PE
Asst. City Engineer
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