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 Good News

“There has been some information in the public media recently regarding the presence of Hexavalent Chromium in drinking water and drinking water supplies. Recently the Water Resources Department had raw and finished water samples analyzed for HChromium. The results were “below detectable limits”. If you have any questions please contact the Water Resources Department.  You can view the Fluoride Announcement by going to our Public Notices & Reports page and clicking on the link for Fluoride Announcement.


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Mission Statement
The Mission of the Statesville Water Treatment Plant is to supply, treat, and deliver the highest quality of water at the most economical rate possible to the customer of the system.

The two Wastewater Treatment Plants treat and dispose of sewage and residuals generated by the users in the most cost efficient manner that imposes no adverse impact on the environment.

This project will study the impacts and dynamics that exist on the Catawba River due to its use ( water intakes) by various cities and water systems. It is hoped that by gaining this knowledge the various water systems that use the Catawba River can bring about a more efficient use of this resource.”

Joe Hudson, Director
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Jerry Byerly, Assistant Director
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Brandy Johnson, Pretreatment
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Scott Austin, Third Creek Wastewater Treatment
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Andy Smith, Fourth Creek Wastewater Treatment
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Weston Johnson, Water Treatment
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