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The week of July  27 is a blue recycling week

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Check out the variety of fundraisers, school events, performances and church services going on in our area.

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Curbside Recycling is Bigger & Better!

There is a new way to recycle more items!  You must register to receive a new 96-gallon cart.  The City will no longer pick up items placed in the old recycling bins.

Additional carts have been ordered and will be delivered in the next several weeks.

While you are waiting on your new cart to be delivered, please take your recyclables to one of the City's recycling centers:

  1. Police Dept. Parking Lot on Sharpe St.
  2. Statesville Fitness & Activity Center Parking Lot, 1875 Simonton Rd.

You will receive more information about single stream recycling when your cart is delivered.  This information is also on line. 

To determine if you live in a red week or blue week for recycling, please click here for the interactive map and follow instructions carefully.

But for now, register!



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Are you placing your recycling cart on the curb correctly?  The cart needs to be as close to the curb as possible with the lid facing the street and the wheels and handles facing the house.  Please keep 3 feet of space clear around the cart.   Make sure there is 3 feet between the recycling cart and your garbage container, your mail box and your car, etc.  The lid needs to be closed! (or barely open)  Questions?  Call 704-878-3415.

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The Catawba-Wateree Drought Management Advisory Group (CW-DMAG) has placed the Catawba-Wateree River Basin in Stage 1 of the “low inflow protocol” (LIP) due to continued hot weather and low rainfall in the region.
Even though Statesville’s Lookout Shoals intake facility is on the Catawba-Wateree River Basin, Water Resources Director Joe Hudson said the City’s ability to draw water from other sources means the Stage 1 restrictions will have no effect on Statesville water customers.

According to Hudson, Stage 1 requires all CW-DMAG members to reduce their monthly withdrawal amounts by 3 – 5%. He explained that Statesville will be able to make up this difference by using the City’s alternate intake on the South Yadkin River as well as its raw water reservoir. “We do not have to ask our customers to reduce their usage to accomplish the Stage 1 restrictions,” Hudson said.

“We always stress the importance of water conservation to our citizens,” he continued. “But because our City leaders planned for and developed more than one water source, we are able to provide an adequate water supply during the hot summer months and extreme dry seasons.”

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