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The City of Statesville has released its 2013 Water Quality Report and results show the City's drinking water meets or exceeds every health standard developed by both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

Statesville’s Water Quality Report is prepared by the City's Water Resources Department to meet the EPA's National Primary Drinking Water Regulation for Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR). It details drinking water sources, the testing methodology, the substances detected in the water and the levels of those substances.

The report gives the background on Statesville’s water system, explains the testing and many of the terms used in the information, and provides many charts.

"Statesville offers a safe, reliable water supply is critical for the health and welfare of our citizens, the prosperity of our businesses and our quality of life," Water Resources Department Director Joe Hudson said. "We are proud to deliver high quality drinking water to our customers."

Statesville has been serving water to the community for many decades and is committed to providing its customers with water that meets more than 100 state and federal drinking water standards. The City draws its source water from the Catawba River Basin on Lookout Shoals Lake.

Each year, the City produces a report for its water customers. It can be viewed online and hard copies can be obtained by calling 704-878-3438.

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Mayor Kutteh reviewed the City's many accomplishments in economic development, City projects and community events.

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There is a way to help Statesville residents stay warm this winter. Statesville utility customers have been reaching out to help their neighbors in need through the Statesville Connects Program since 2007. Created by the City of Statesville, this voluntary assistance program is funded by donations from Statesville utility customers and other individuals and organizations. The City works with the Salvation Army to distribute these funds to Statesville residential utility customers who need assistance with their utility bills.

During the past year, the program assisted about 45 customers, but according to Statesville Mayor Costi Kutteh, "the need is much greater". As colder weather moves in for the winter, Kutteh is urging citizens to begin donating to the program. "It's very easy to do," he explained. "All a customer has to do is add a donation to their monthly utility bill or make a one-time donation."

There is a form that the customer fills out to designate the amount that will automatically be added to their monthly utility bill. The forms are online or can be obtained by calling 704-878-3564.

The Salvation Army screens the requests and recipients are given a voucher to use when paying their bill at the City's Customers Service office.

"Our staff does its best to help customers in need, but the City is not a social services agency," explained Kutteh. "We can provide them with a list of local agencies that help people with utility bills, but unfortunately, there is more need than there are funds."

Kutteh said many of our citizens don’t hear about the residents the Customer Services office sees daily. “I have become aware of a customer who recently, after her daughter became sick, had to quit her full-time job and travel out of state so the daughter could receive medical care. They returned to Statesville where the mother continued to take care of her daughter and granddaughter, but could not afford to get the power turned on in their residence. She was unemployed, went to every agency in our community seeking help, but the funds were just not there,” recalled Kutteh.

“This is just one example of why more of us need to support the Statesville Connects program,” he stressed.

“The Mayor and City Council started this program as a way for citizens to help each other. Currently, there are more than 400 customers per month subject to utility disconnection. Without question, it is making a difference,” stressed Salmon.

Contributions to the Statesville Connects Program may be tax deductible. The City will provide you with annual statements to document your total donation.

Statesville residential utility customers needing financial assistance should contact the Salvation Army office, located at 1361 Caldwell St. to determine whether they qualify for the program.

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Perhaps the coverage of the events in Ferguson, MO caused you to wonder how prepared Statesville would be if such an incident happened here. Statesville Police Chief Tom Anderson believes his department has been active for many years to not only prevent a similar incident, but to prepare his officers and the entire community on how to work together to solve these problems before they happen! Chief Anderson talked about the department's efforts in Sunday's Record & Landmark column. He and Captain Dan Miglin have also prepared a more extensive article about the issue. Please take time to read these articles and share with your friends. Go to to read more.

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Mayor Costi Kutteh will be making the rounds over the next several months to personally thank the members of the various boards and committees that serve the City of Statesville. In addition to recognizing their commitment and the accomplishments of the boards, Mayor Kutteh will also present each member with a special gift.

This year's gift is a set of leather coasters inscribed with the Statesville city logo.

"The City greatly relies on the efforts and contributions of our citizens who serve on our boards. Their recommendations and insights are very important to the operations of our local government," said Mayor Kutteh.

First stop was the Airport Commission. He will also be attending the meetings of the Planning Board, Historic Preservation Commission, Design Review Committee, Board of Adjustment, Community Appearance Commission, ABC Board and Statesville Housing Authority.

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Get updates on the next phase(s) of the Streetscape Project

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Keep informed on the interstate construction project and check out the state's new website.

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Now pay your Statesville utility bill or check on your billing history and information any time, day or night. On the City's website homepage, click ...

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Learn how to manage your account of this weekly informational phone call from the City.

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